Contractors And Builders

With over 25 years of providing residential and commercial customers with premium brickface, stoneface and stucco veneersNew England Brickface continues to deliver high-quality craftsmanship for contractors and builders on various projects.

Our experience and dedication to quality artistry make New England Brickface different. Understanding all facets of the construction process, our technicians bring over 30 years of experience to any size project, saving you time and money. Area contractors and builders know they will receive accurate bids for quality materials guaranteed to last.

We offer contractors and builders many benefits, including:

1. Quality Products: We use a premium 3-coat stucco system. Some companies only use a two-coat system. Our exterior veneers have the same durability as concrete! It has a 40-year proven track record to stand up to the harsh New England climate.

2. Craftsmanship: Our experience has made us one of the top stucco contractors in New England, with a trusted and recognized name in providing multiple finishes on new, remodeled, and complex projects.

3. Accurate Estimating: We understand that providing competitive pricing is essential for you and the project owner. With decades of experience, we know all the little details of stucco installation. Don’t get caught having to pay for a lot of extras. Leverage our expertise to ensure you come in on time and within budget.

4. Product Knowledge: With a full range of products and services, you can be sure we understand each in detail. We can offer expert insight and work with you to find your best options with every product and project type.