Our Process | Brickface, Stoneface And Stucco

Our custom brickface, stoneface and stucco systems will give your home or business the elegant look of a brick, stone or stucco finish, without the expensive construction or maintenance costs.

Our stucco veneers use a premium three-coat Portland cement stucco over a galvanized wire lath.

Our specialized process goes through four stages:

  1. The Galvanized Steel Lath is attached
  2. A cement base coat is applied over the lath
  3. A color-infused “Mortar” coat is applied and allowed to set-up slightly
  4. The finish coat is skillfully hand applied then textured, toned. Once the finish color coat has set sufficiently, it is scored to reveal the mortar coat which creates an amazingly detailed brick looking finish

When finished, this 3 coat Portland cement stucco system will create the look and feel of a full size brick wall without all the expensive up front construction costs of other sidings.

The same process can produce all these finishes and more. Select a finish you want to see and start to view the possibilities for your project!

For more information on the brickface process from the experts at New England Brickface, please contact us here or call us directly at 508.400.1241.