Benefits of Brickface Over Brick

By August 14, 2018Brickface

The charming brick houses and buildings that dot the landscape throughout the region help to define New England. These beautiful structures paint a portrait of the region’s rich history and New Englanders strive to maintain the aesthetic of classic brick homes. However, due to its high maintenance cost, traditional brick continues to decrease in popularity.

The modern masonry technique referred to as brickface, keeps homes and offices up to 21st century standards while maintaining their brick and mortar roots. Brickface replicates real brick in a variety of shapes and colors, offering a durable exterior as beautiful as the real brick structures it imitates.

But what exactly makes brickface more beneficial than traditional brick?

Traditional brick houses have two layers of brick and on some occasions a layer of concrete block with a layer of brick exterior, making the brick the structural support of the building. Removing even one brick could lead to structural failures. Brickface does not support the structural load of the building, so removing a brick will not ruin the foundation. You can install brickface anytime, even after a building’s completed construction.

In the cold winter of New England your home needs to stay warm. With a poor insulator, cold air seeps right through brick. Brickface however covers the walls with sheathing and insulation before putting the brick in place. The brickface builds the outer edge of the foundation wall, creating a whole inch of air space between the brickface and the sheathing. Air makes for one of the best insulators, so this airspace protects you from the harsh chill of winter.

On top of this, the affordability of brickface trumps traditional brick. Brickface only requires one layer of masonry, keeping costs down and installation easy. Brickface also requires little maintenance, and like traditional brick, maintains a visually appealing and fireproof exterior.

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